Ship Building, Repair and Dry Docking Facility


We all are aware and believe that the shipping industry will need a lot of new Ship building, ship repair / Dry Docking capacity in the near future. This can be provided by either increasing the productivity of the existing yards or building new ones.

Increasing the productivity of the existing yards should ultimately result in shorter dry-docking times. The means of improvement would be different for each yard, but they would all require time for implementation and undeniably substantial investments.

On the other hand, when interviewing the shipping industry scenario today, it becomes obvious that their existing workload exceeds their nominal capacity. This indicates that the future lack of repair-yard / dry dock capacity which cannot be resolved simply by increasing the productivity of the existing yards. Therefore many new Ship building, ship repair yards / Dry Dock facility will be required.

Hence keeping the above situation in mind we have proposed a site at Sancoale - Goa for construction of our Repair Yard / Dry Docking facility, which shall provide service to Inland / Coastal / Foreign Vessels.


Services intended to be provided in our Ship Repair / Dry Dock yard

  1. Ship Construction
  2. Dry Dock and in-situ emergency repairs
  3. Underwater repairs and maintenance, including underwater cleaning of Propellers
  4. Hull painting, plating, piping and structural repairs and replacement
  5. Engine repairs/overhauls and replacement
  6. Electrical, Electronic and Hydraulic systems repairs
  7. Deck machinery hydraulic pump or motor repairing etc
  8. Various Piping Renewal & Repair.
  9. Hatch Cover Repair
  10. Steel Structure & Damage Repair
  11. Ship Crane Repairing
  12. Accommodation Repairs
  13. Air-Conditioning Services
  14. Tank Cleaning

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