Ship Management

Fairway Barge Operators Pvt. Ltd. as Ship Management Company manages ship of some other companies or independent owners. The owner of the ship has to signs a contract for ship to be managed by our ship management company for a defined duration of time.

Managing ships is not an easy task. Ship management includes several tasks which are to be carried out before, during and after the operation of the ship. The first and foremost thing that a ship management company needs to do is get the ship approved. There are many approvals that are to be taken from different classification societies and administration for which we provide all the assistance.

Our Ship Management team comprises of following personnel

  1. Designated Person Ashore
  2. Technical Superintendent
  3. Fleet Executive
  4. Assistant

Services provided under Ship Management

  1. We provide supervision for maintenance of machinery on board the ship.
  2. Preparing the ship of surveys, coordinating with Classification Societies for smooth passing of survey
  3. Maintaining Ship Documents
  4. Carrying out repair work of the ship.
  5. Providing adequate crew for manning the ship.
  6. Arrangement for loading and unloading of the cargo.
  7. Hiring of the ship on behalf of the ship owner.
  8. Negotiating the contracts for bunker, lube oil, provision supply, engine spares etc.
  9. Paying the expenses on behalf of the owner.
  10. Making an arrangement for the entry of the ship in the P & I (Protection and Indemnity) association.
  11. Dealing with various claims related to insurance, salvage etc.
  12. Arranging for the insurance in relation to the ship.
  13. Providing victualling and stores for the crew of the ship.
  14. And all the other jobs which come under the scope of services provided by a ship management company.

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